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Pet Spay in McComb, MS

Serving All of Pike, Walthall, and Amite Counties

It's an unfortunate fact that there are more cats and dogs out there who need homes than there are homes available. That's why so many animal-focused organizations recommend spaying and neutering. Aside from serving the purpose of pet population control, spaying and neutering offer numerous health benefits for cats and dogs. If you're thinking of getting your pet spayed or neutered, we encourage you to call or visit our facility to learn more.

Doing What's Right for Your Pet

At All Creatures Great & Small Veterinary Services, we share your passion for animals. That’s why we offer spaying and neutering designed to keep dogs and cats healthy and safe.

To learn more about spaying and neutering and how these procedures can benefit your pet, call All Creatures Great & Small Veterinary Services to schedule a consultation.